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About the Author

Karen with headstone.jpg

Karen Collins is passionate about her family history and the injustices to women in bygone eras.

Karen's quest to understand the life of her long-lost great-grandmother intensified as the sad truth of Minnie Eason revealed itself over many years of research.

At times, Karen's despair with her findings made finishing this book seemingly impossible. But in true form, she found the strength and courage to push forward to reveal the suffering and torment that Minnie endured. Her story addresses the mistreatment, lack of care and understanding, and regrettable shame placed upon those with mental health issues, only a century ago. 

Karen's family and friends have been swept up in her journey. This culminated in a wonderful gathering and celebration of Minnie's life in July 2022 where a headstone was placed in Minnie's honour at her previously unknown and unmarked grave site. 

- Loving descendant of Minnie Eason

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